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S.No. Designation Name Office Ph Mob Number
Conservators Office Telephone
1. Conservator of Forests, Khuzdar Division Mr. Muhammad Amin 0848-412776 0333-9276925
2. Conservator of Forests, Nasirabad Division Mr. Kaleemullah 0833-560280 03003843137
3. Conservator of Forests, Turbat Division Mr. Abdul Waheed 08524135564 03337869232
4. Conservator of Forests, Loralai Division Mr. Zulfiqar 0824-410036 0344-8218778
5. Conservator of Forests, Sibi, Division Mr. Zhid Rind 0833-500210 0301-6389513
6. Conservator of Forests, Civil Division Quetta Mr. Nasir Shah 2442376 03003818417


S. No. Office Office Number Address
1 Adviser to Chief Minister Balochistan on Forest and Wildlife Department, Quetta 081-9201231 Office at 3rd Floor, Block XI, Civil Secretariat, Quetta
2 Secretary, Forests & Wildlife Department 081-9202275 Office at 1st Floor, Block IV, Civil Secretariat, Quetta
3 Additional Secretary, Forests & Wildlife Department 081-9202166 Office at 1st Floor, Block IV, Civil Secretariat, Quetta
4 Chief Conservator of Forests, North-Balochistan 081-9201137 Office at Spinny Road, Quetta
5 Chief Conservator of Forests, South-Balochistan 081-9203744 Office at Joint Road, Quetta
6 Director Soil Conservation 0307-3848732 Office at  Spinny Road, Quetta
7 Conservator Wildlife Quetta 081-2440227 Office opposite tp Balochistan University, Sabzal Road, Quetta
8 Conservator of Forests, Planning, Quetta 081-9203779 Office at Spinny Road, Quetta
9 Conservator of Forests, Research, Quetta 081-9201955 Office at Spinny Road, Quetta
10 Deputy Conservator of Forests Admin, (North) Quetta. 081-9202264 Office at Spinny Road, Quetta
11 Deputy Conservator of Forests Admin, (South) Quetta. 081-9201663 Office at Joint Road, Quetta


Field Offices, North-Region

S# Circle District / Forest Division Designation Office Number Address
12 Conservator of Forests, Quetta Division.


Phone No.081-2442376
Office Address: Office of CF Quetta Division,Opposite, Balochistan University, Sabzal Road, Quetta

Quetta city Deputy Conservator of Forests 081-9202634 Office at Ramzay Road, Quetta.
Quetta Division Deputy Conservator of Forests 081-9202606 Office at Joint Road, Quetta.
Chagai Divisional Forest Officer 03337898277 Chagai at Dalbandin.
Nushki Divisional Forest Officer 0825-872354 Office near Bus Stop, Nushki.
Pishin Divisional Forest Officer 0826-420541 Office near Shoukat Adda Bad Road, Pishin.
Killa Abdullah Divisional Forest Officer 0826-615232 Office at DC Complex, Chaman.
Mianghundi Park Deputy Conservator of Forests 03003818417 Office opposite to Balochistan University, Sabzal Road, Quetta.
13 Conservator of Forests, Sibi Division.
Phone No.0833-500210
Office Address:Office of CF Sibi Division, Commissioner Officer Road, Sibi.
Ziarat Deputy Conservator of Forests 0833-560280 Office on main Zanjawi Road, Ziarat
Dera Bugti Divisional Forest Officer 03363138957 Office at Dera Bugti Town, Dera Bugti.
Harnai Divisional Forest Officer 0833-520468 Office at main Bazar, Harnai.
Kohlu Divisional Forest Officer 0837430240 Office at Kohlu Town, Kholu.
Sibi Divisional Forest Officer 0833-9230165 Office on Irrigation Road Sibi.
14 Conservator of Forests, Zhob Division.
Phone No.0824-410036
Office Address:Office of CF Zhob Division at Loralai near Labour Colony, Loralai.
Killa Saifullah Deputy Conservator of Forests 0823-610377 Office near DC office Quetta Road Killa Saifullah.
Zhob Deputy Conservator of Forests 0822-412914 Office on D.I.Khan Road near Shaheen Chowk, Zhob.
Loralai Divisional Forest Officer 0824-410882 Office at Labour  Coloney Quetta Road, Loralai.
Musakhail Divisional Forest Officer 0828-611074 Office on Kingri Road, Musakhail.
Barkhan Divisional Forest Officer 0336-6300877 Office on DG Khan Road, Rakni.
Sherani Divisional Forest Officer 0822-414466 Office on Dera Road Zhob.

Field Offices, South-Region

S# Circle District / Forest Division Designation Office Number Address
15 Conservator of Forests, Kalat Division at Khuzdar.


Phone No. 0848-412776
Office Address:Office of CF Kalat Division at Khuzdar, Purana Karachi Road, Khuzdar.

Kalat Divisional Forest Officer 0844-210372 Office near DC Office, Kalat
Khuzdar Divisional Forest Officer 0848-412776 Office on Purana Karachi Road, Khuzdar.
Kharan Divisional Forest Officer 0847-510212  Office near B&R Office, Kharan.
Washuk Divisional Forest Officer 0847-801345  Office near NBP Washuk.
Mastung Divisional Forest Officer 0843-895048 Office near Girls Degree College, Mastung.
Lasbella Deputy Conservator of Forests 0853-610373 Office on main RDC Road Uthal.
Awaran Divisional Forest Officer 0333-7942144 Office opposite DPO Office, Bela Awaran Road, Camp Jahoo.
16 Conservator of Forests, Mekran Division at Turbat.


Phone No.0852-413564
Office Address:Office near Police Station, Kech.

Kech/Turbat Divisional Forest Officer 0852-413564  Office near Police Station, Turbat/ Kech.
Gwadar Deputy Conservator of Forests 0864-211350 Office on Airport Road, Gwadar.
Panjgur Divisional Forest Officer 0855-642209 Office near Zakat Office, Panjgur.
17 Conservator of Forests, Nasirabad Division.


Phone No.0838-710426
Office Address: Office opposite Commissioner Office, Naseerabad.

Jaffarabad Deputy Conservator of Forests 0838510583 Office opposite Irrigation Colony, NBP Road, Dera Allah Yar.
Nasirabad Deputy Conservator of Forests 0838-710381 Office opposite Commissioner Office, Dera Murad Jamali.
Jhal Magsi Divisional Forest Officer 0834-430203  Office near Jamia Masjid, Gandawa Town, Jhal Magsi.
Kachhi/Bolan Divisional Forest Officer 0832-415450 Office near Police Station, Rind Ali, Kachhi.