Rules of Business

  1. Land degradation control through soil conservation, reforestation and afforestation.
  2. Management of watershed potential of Balochistan and enhancement of vegetative cover of the province to attain the minimum international standard of 25%.
  3. Effectively contribute in the carbon sink, combat climate change and reduction in the global warming.
  4. Development, management and regulation of rangelands on sustainable basis.
  5. Conservation of wildlife and management of protected areas including national parks, game reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, estuaries, wetlands, etc. of the province.
  6. Promotion, regulation and management of forest ecosystem.
  7. Promotion and regulation of state and community forests, farm forestry, roadside tree plantation and Natural resources (like fuel wood, timber, non-timber forest products, and wildlife products).
  8. Development and management of recreational parks, arboreta, zoological parks, zoos, wildlife breeding centers at Provincial, Divisional, District and community level.
    1. 8-A-Promotion and provision of Ecotourism facilities in Wildlife Protected Areas subject to due care for the Eco system and further subject to approval by the Government.
  1. Coordination with the Economic Affairs Division and Planning Division and other relevant Ministries, Divisions and Authorities, International Organizations like UNDP, World Bank etc.
  2. Implementation of international conventions, treaties, agreements, commitments in forest and wildlife sector made by Government.
  3. Establishment of research/ educational and training facilities for the development, conservation and strengthening the forest, wildlife and environment sectors in the province.